Put a stop to text-based scams before you can click. Our smart AI protects you if it detects a suspicious link in your text messages—we can even block risky sites from emails, texts, and social media if you accidentally click.

Is that text actually from your bank?
We’ll protect you before you can click.

How do you get it?

  • McAfee Scam Protection comes with most McAfee plans. Just download the app from the Google Play store

Avoid scam texts with AI-powered protection.

  • Scans the URLs in your text messages
  • Uses AI to detect scam links
  • Can block risky links from emails, texts, and social media if you accidentally click

Scam or safe? It’s getting harder to tell

What’s fake and what’s real online is getting more difficult to identify. A scam text, email, or link on social media that looks authentic can take you to sites where you could be tricked into entering personal or payment information, or malware could be downloaded onto your device.

How does McAfee Scam Protection

Our AI-powered technology automatically detects text scams by scanning URLs in your text messages to prevent you from clicking scam links. If you accidentally click? Don’t worry, we can block risky sites if you click on a suspicious link in texts, emails, social media, and more.

Scam texts are getting smart
our AI security is smarter

Proactive & Automatic:

Get protection before you even open the message. On Android, you’ll receive an alert on your phone if a risky text is detected.

Powerful AI:

McAfee’s patented AI is constantly analyzing and processing millions of malicious links from around the world. It continually gets smarter to protect you even better.

Simple to use:

Once you’re set up, McAfee Scam Protection goes to work immediately. No copying and pasting to check if a text or email is a scam.

Simplify your digital security with McAfee FAQ:

Your essential guide to protecting your devices and data. Find answers to common questions
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See how McAfee helps you
live your best life online

  • McAfee Scam Protection

    Advanced AI-powered technology helps prevent you from opening
    scam texts and can block risky sites if you accidentally click on a scam
    link in texts, email, social media posts, and more.

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  • Secure VPN

    Keeps your personal info safe anywhere you use public Wi-Fi, so you
    can confidently shop, bank, stream and download. Set your VPN to turn
    on automatically so you can stay invisible from hackers and prying eyes.

    Learn More

  • Protection Score

    Monitor the health of your online protection to improve your security
    and stay safe online. Included in McAfee Total Protection plans.

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  • Multi-Device Compatibility

    Enable Safe Browsing on your iOS or Android device to benefit from
    real-time scam detection.
    McAfee Scam Protection™ is included in all McAfee Total Protection products

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  • Password Protection

    While we use passwords to help prevent unauthorized access to
    accounts, many aren’t following best practices. A password manager is
    crucial to creating and storing strong passwords for important online accounts

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  • Identity Monitoring

    Provides 24/7 monitoring and alerts you if your personal information is
    found on the dark web, where your identity and financial data can be
    used by hackers.

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