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·      A new flaw in Electron poses a risk to apps based on the framework
·      Malicious package containing Bytecoin cryptocurrency miner found on the Ubuntu Snap Store
·      UK mobile operator EE left a critical code system exposed with a default password
·      Chilis restaurant chain is the last victim of a Payment Card Breach
·      Critical Flaws in PGP and S/MIME Tools – Immediately disable tools that automatically decrypt PGP-encrypted email
·      Nigelthorn malware infected over 100,000 systems abusing Chrome extensions
·      PANDA Banker malware used in several campaigns aimed at banks, cryptocurrency exchanges and social media
·      Researchers disclosed details of EFAIL attacks on in PGP and S/MIME tools. Experts believe claims are overblown
·      Adobe issued security updates for 47 vulnerabilities in Acrobat DC and Reader
·      Dutch Government plans to phase out the use of Kaspersky solutions
·      Hackers shared technical details of a Code Injection flaw in Signal App
·      Massive DDoS attack hit the Danish state rail operator DSB
·      Rail Europe North America hit by payment card data breach
·      Anonymous defaced Russia govt website against Telegram ban
·      Mysterious hackers ingenuously reveal two Zero-Days to security community
·      Operation Hotel – Ecuador spent millions on spy operation for Julian Assange
·      Red Hat Linux DHCP Client affected by a command injection flaw, patch it now!
·      Mexican central bank confirmed that SWIFT hackers stole millions of dollars from Mexican Banks
·      Nethammer – Exploiting Rowhammer attack through network without a single attacker-controlled line of code
·      Russian Telegrab malware harvesting Telegram Desktop credentials, cookies, desktop cache, and key files
·      A New Mexico man sentenced to 15 Years in jail for DDoS Attacks and possession of firearms
·      CISCO issued security updates to address three critical flaws in Cisco DNA Center
·      Satori Botnet is targeting exposed Ethereum mining pools running the Claymore mining software
·      The new Wicked Mirai botnet leverages at least three new exploits
·      A dataset of 200 million PII exfiltrated from several Japanese websites offered on underground market
·      Chrome evolves security indicators by marking with a red warning for HTTP content
·      More than 800,000 DrayTek routers at risks due to a mysterious zero-day exploit
·      Updated – The new Wicked Mirai botnet leverages at least three new exploits


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