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·      European Central Bank announced a framework for cyber attack simulation on financial firms
·      Google announces the open-source Asylo framework for confidential computing
·      New ZooPark APT targets Android users in Middle East since 2015
·      A new report sheds the lights on state-sponsored Chinese APTs under Winnti umbrella
·      Chrome freezes PC running Windows OS after Windows 10 April update
·      SynAck ransomware Employs Many Novel Techniques to Avoid Detection
·      Experts released an unofficial patch for Zero-Days in Dasan GPON home routers
·      Hackers continue to hack Drupal installs to install backdoors and inject cryptocurrency malware
·      Reading the 2017 Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) report
·      Secret Conversation – Twitter is testing End-to-End Encryption for direct messages
·      UPDATED – Critical RCE vulnerability found in over a million GPON Home Routers
·      Adobe fixed a Critical Code Execution issue in Flash Player
·      Are you using Python module ‘SSH Decorator? Newer versions include a backdoor
·      baseStriker attack technique allow to bypass Microsoft Office 365 anti-phishing filter
·      May 2018 Android Security Bulletin includes additional Meltdown fix
·      May 2018 Patch Tuesday: Microsoft fixes 2 zero-day flaws reportedly exploited by APT group
·      Signal disappearing messages can be recovered by the macOS client
·      Analysis of CVE-2018-8174 VBScript 0day and APT actor related to Office targeted attack
·      Lenovo releases updates to fix Secure Boot flaw in servers and other issues
·      Misinterpretation of Intel docs is the root cause for the CVE-2018-8897 flaw in Hypervisors and OSs
·      The source code of the TreasureHunter PoS Malware leaked online
·      Allanite threat actor focused on critical infrastructure is targeting electric utilities and ICS networks
·      Mining passwords from dozens of public Trello boards
·      Tech giant Telstra warns cloud customers theyre at risk of hack due to a SNAFU
·      Throwhammer, the new Rowhammer attack to remotely hack systems over the LAN
·      Google addresses critical security vulnerabilities in Chrome 66
·      iVideon Russian-based video surveillance solution leaked data, hundreds of thousands of records exposed
·      Wannacry outbreak anniversary: the EternalBlue exploit even more popular now


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