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·      Experts spotted spam campaigns delivering XTRAT and DUNIHI backdoors bundled with the Adwind RAT
·      SunTrust unfaithful employee may have stolen data on 1.5 Million customers
·      Unscrupulous crooks behind the RansSIRIA Ransomware try to exploit attentions on Syrian refugee crisis
·      CVE-2018-0229 flaw in SAML implementation threatens Firepower, AnyConnect and ASA products
·      Google Project Zero hacker discloses a Zero-Day in Windows Lockdown Policy
·      Health Stream left exposed online a database containing contact data for roughly 10,000 medics
·      Orangeworm cyber espionage group target Healthcare organizations worldwide
·      Take These Steps to Secure Your WordPress Website Before Its Too Late
·      BeatCoin – Researchers demonstrate how to steal Cold Wallet Keys from Air-Gapped PCs
·      CSE Malware ZLab – Malware Analysis Report: The Bandios malware suite
·      Kasperskys analysis of servers compromised by Energetic Bear shows the APT operates on behalf of others
·      Do Not Disturb app will protect your device from evil maid attacks
·      Expert devised a exploit for a Code Execution vulnerability in NVIDIA Tegra Chipsets
·      Police shut down the biggest DDoS-for-hire service (webstresser.org) and arrested its administrators
·      Portugal is the 21st country to join the NATO Cyber-Defence Centre
·      CVE-2018-7602 – Drupal addressed a new vulnerability associated with Drupalgeddon2 flaw
·      F-Secure experts devised a Master Key that unlocks millions of hotel rooms
·      Hacking the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant to spy on unaware users
·      Western Digital MY CLOUD EX2 storage devices leak files
·      Dutch Police shut down the Anon-IB revenge porn forum
·      Microsoft releases new software and microcode updates to address Spectre flaw (Variant 2).
·      Necurs Spam Botnet operators adopt a new technique to avoid detection
·      Rubella Macro Builder Crimeware Kit gains popularity on cybercrime underground
·      European and US police hit the Islamic State propaganda machine
·      Expert shows how to trigger blue-screen-of-death on Windows by triggering NTFS flaw
·      How to use weaponized PDF documents to steal Windows credentials


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