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GCHQ fears energy smart meters could expose millions of Bretons to hack
Recent Memcached DDoS attacks drive RDoS extortion practice
Applebee restaurants suffered payment card breach
Critical flaw in Pivotals Spring Data REST allows to hack any machine that runs an application built on its components
New attacks on 4G LTE networks can allow to spy on users and spoof emergency alerts
SgxPectre attack allows to reveal the content of the SGX enclave
ComboJack Malware alters Windows clipboards to steal cryptocurrencies and payments
Facebook improves link security infrastructure by implementing HSTS Preloading
Worlds largest DDoS attack record broken by a new memcached DDoS attack
For the second time in two weeks CDOT shut down computers after a ransomware infection
Funny? Useful? Cool? Kali Linux natively on Windows 10
RCE flaw in Exim MTA affects half of the email servers online
Two PoC exploits for Memcached DDoS attacks have been released online
Corero Network discovered a Kill Switch for Memcached DDoS attacks
Group-IB supported law enforcement in dismantling Ukrainian DDoS crime gang
Hardcoded password and Java deserialization flaws found in Cisco products
Leaked NSA dump contains tools developed by NSA Territorial Dispute to track state-sponsored hackers
CIGslip attack could allow hacker to bypass Microsoft Code Integrity Guard
Dofoil Trojan used to deploy cryptocurrency miner on more than 500,000 PCs in a few hours
Olympic Destroyer, alleged artifacts and false flag make attribution impossible
Russian hackers stole 860,000 euros from 32 ATMs belonging to the Raiffeisen Romania in just one night
North Korean Hidden Cobra APT targets Turkish financial industry with new Bankshot malware
Sophisticated APT group compromised routers to deliver Slingshot Spyware

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