Here are the top four extensions for the Chrome browser to keep your online activity safe, secure and private.

The recent global wave of cybercrimes, particularly via exploiting loopholes in many leading browsers, has put internet privacy and online security directly in the line of fire. Internet users, in general, are worried about securing their data against the threats posed by hackers and the vulnerabilities in their favorite browsers.

Talking about browsers, Chrome is one of the most used browsers in the world. There are many extensions developed for the Chrome browser that provides an added layer of security and privacy. Following is our review of the essential extensions for Chrome that can protect your online privacy.

Privacy Chrome Extensions

  1. PureVPN Chrome Extension

What sets PureVPN extension apart from all other privacy extensions is its completeness. While users need a different extension for each category of privacy they may be looking for, PureVPN is an all-in-one package. It blocks ads, provides malware protection, protection against hackers and viruses, and encrypts any data sent over the internet. Of course, it allows users to change their location as well, enabling them to access geo-restricted content too. This easy-to-use Chrome extension contains quick access features that make it one of the most trending extensions currently being used by thousands of users around the world.

  1. HTTPS Everywhere

While this extension only provides partial security, it is a great tool for users who are looking for better and more secure ways of encrypting their communication. HTTPS Everywhere works with many popular websites, communication platforms, as well as social media platforms, making instant communications secure around the world. It has been developed as a joint venture between The Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

  1. Disconnect Search

This free chrome extension has a specialized built-in feature that allows users to make private searches and browse anonymously on Chrome. The developers claim that they do not collect any private information, IP addresses or search logs, which makes it secure. Along with the free Chrome extension, the developers have also created it as a web service, which makes it simpler to use and configure according to users’ desired preferences.

  1. Ghostery

This extension is known for its mysterious capabilities of revealing the “invisible� web. It can display a list of all trackers, web bugs, pixels on the page, and beacons. The invisible web is used by hundreds of websites to gather behavioral data of different users and then target them with related ads. Advanced options in the extension also allow users to specifically identify whether someone is tracking their browsing activities. Despite the detailed insight that this extension can provide, it doesn’t feature any tool to address the loopholes that compromise user data.

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